Upcoming Events

In 2018 Latvia will have its centennial, which will include special events, as well as financing of these events by the Culture Ministry. Expecting significant additional financial support, TILTS had started planning a tour by the Valmiera Drāma Theater with the play "Vaidelote" by Aspazija, directed by Inese Mičule. It would have included more actors than TILTS can finance in one of its regular tours. Currently, however,  no additional financing is expected, and no special performances are planned.

When a tour is firmly established, its schedule will be published in the TILTS web page www.tilts.org, as well as in the newspapers Laiks, Latvija Amerikā and the on-line Australian newspaper Latvietis.

Currently TILTS is working on the following tours:

  • A tour with Valmieras Drāmas Theater with the play "Medību Pils" by H. Gulbis, directed by J. Znotiņš. The performances will be as follows: Washington, DC (Sept.  8), New York (Sept. 9), Priedaine (Sept. 10), Boston (Sept. 13), Toronto (Sept. 15), Cleveland (Sept. 16), Detroit (Sept. 17), Kalamazoo (Sept. 20), Chicago (?), Minneapolis (Sept. 24), Portland, OR (Sept. 24), Seattle (Sept. 27), San Francisco (Sept. 30), Los Angeles (Oct. 1).
  • A tour by the ethnographic ensemble Trio (Cinkuss, Šmite and Rancāne) is being planned for November of 2017, covering New York, Boston, Cleveland, Toronto and possibly three other locations in Midwest.
  • A tour by the pianist Andrejs Osokins un vocalist Katrīna Gupalo is being planned for May, 2018; possible locations: Cleveland, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, DC.
  • A tour by the Rīgas saksofonu kvartets, under the direction of prof.  Artis Sīmanis is possible in April, 2019, covering the East and Midwest of the USA.
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